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    March 22, 2010


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    Kathy Klotz-Guest

    Good points, Linda. The bill isn't perfect for sure but we need to start somewhere. What fired people up about Obama's election is that we believed in a different kind of Washington where people on opposite sides could work together in civil ways for the good of the American people. Prima facie - given media coverage - the rancor in government just seems to be getting worse. This type of behavior would RIGHTLY get people fired in the private sector. Little wonder most Americans - the purple silent majority - are so disgusted. But it's time for this majority to stop being silent and demand better of our elected representatives.

    Democrat Dave

    Linda...nice post. The GOP never showed up in good faith to support reform--they expressed the desire to block in Obamba's agenda in any way that they could before Obama was even inaugurated. Given the intransigence of the GOP towards reform, the Dems did the best they could to move things forward. Contrary to predictions, Armageddon has not occurred today. The Dow is up nearly 60 points (as I write this) today, so, the business world doesn't seem too frightened about the legislation. Democrat Dave

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