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    October 14, 2009


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    Lisa Strand

    Very old-school in nature with the intense follow-up; I think enough people cave into the pressure that it's still worthwhile for businesses and charities (sad but true).

    I have run into some great exceptions to this rule lately though. Just the other day a gentleman came to my home to solicit donations for a local group home; I explained that I do all my donating online, and referred him to a Website that allows organizations to collect donations online. Instead of what I expected (a song & dance about how they really need $$ now), he graciously thanked me and followed up via email (which I did share with him). Kudos to him and his organization (!

    Nicolette Toussaint

    You hit the nail right on the head. My phone numbers are on the national "do not call" list because I HATE to get phone solicitations. I hate it so much that I generally tell anyone who calls me that I make a personal policy never to respond to anyone who asks for money - for ANY reason - over the phone. But I get many, repeated calls from Bank of America. I am their customer and have been for many years, and generally have had a good experience with them. And because I'm their customer, they are not barred from calling me, despite my number being on the do not call list. They do not respond to my requests that they do not call me - they call on Saturdays, during dinner, when I have company. And I'm so annoyed with this that each time they call me again, I start thinking about moving my account somewhere else just to avoid the damn calls!

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